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About us


At Pascale Swim we live in the summer season all year around. Each of the 365 days are filled with sunshine, smiles and happiness.
This time we named our 2019 collections - "Always Summer”.

Charged by sunshine and an abundance of tropical colours, we share the happiness of beach travel.

Ignited by ocean energy, inspired by blue sky we create beach apparel that passes that magical travel moment of love to each customer.

Let your spirit fly with Pascale the moment your feet touch the ocean shore! Let your soul get a pair of wings to fly over the ocean!

Reinvent your travel... with Pascale

Explore our 2019  season collection  today:



La Maison de Pascale was founded in 2011 by Marina Pascale. With an impressive start and rapid addition of clients outside of Canada, Pascale Swimwear was off to an impeccable start from its inception.

Chic, contemporary, high -quality and carefully constructed swimwear designed to impress both the wearer and the onlooker. With vibrant, tropical colors, and a great fit, we have been exhibiting our collection at the Miami Swimshow since 2013.  Utilizing the finest fabrics and structural components, La Maison de Pascale produces our garments in Canada and in Asia.  Colorful apparel looks terrific and makes great addition to your beach look.

Pascale Swim aims to inspire you to pack for your next vacation. We help you to decide on what to bring for your journey to the sea, or just instigate an escape to an exotic destination. Pack our vibrant beachwear styles for your next vacation. Have fun in the sun and reinvent your beach travel with Pascale.



pascale-swim-logo.jpgThe brand’s logo shows a seagull flying over the ocean and is a symbol of free spirit, freedom and happiness. The most desired feeling that we experience when travelling to the beach shore. Some recognize it as women’s cleavage, however it was not our intention.