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Brand Ambassador Activation - 1 Year

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Your subscription package includes:

  1. Free Welcome package includes 3 pieces of apparel, Market value not to exceed $250CAD
  2. 35% personal discount on all products for the first 6 month,
  3. 25% commission of each product sold via affiliate link,
  4. 35% commission on all products ordered through you,
  5. 50% discount on all products starting month 7,
  6. special discounts for pop-up, sample sales

Required from you:


  1. be the best ambassador and share the love for our product,
  2. 3-4 posts per product ( gift box, flat product image- with information like “Just arrived”, “Look what i received today” , photo of you wearing product - on vacay, at the lake, at the cottage, etc) - this is a case specific and we would like to see your suggestions and what works best from
  3. Earn points to receive free products


A brand ambassador  is a person who is associated with our organization to represent Pascale brands in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales. The brand ambassador is meant to embody Pascale identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics.

The key element of brand ambassadors is their ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the customer-product-service relationship and influence a large audience to buy and consume more. Our ideal brand ambassadors is known as a positive spokesperson, an opinion leader or a community influencer, appointed as an internal or external agent to boost product or service sales and create brand awareness.