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About Us


La Maison de Pascale was founded in 2011 by Marina Pascale. With an impressive start and rapid addition of clients outside of Canada, Pascale Swimwear was off to an impeccable start from its inception.

Chic, contemporary, high -quality and carefully constructed swimwear designed to impress both the wearer and the onlooker. With vibrant, tropical colors, and a great fit, we have been exhibiting our collection at the Miami Swimshow since 2013.  Utilizing the finest fabrics and structural components, La Maison de Pascale produces our garments in Canada and in Asia.  Colorful apparel looks terrific and makes great addition to your beach look.

Pascale Swim aims to inspire you to pack for your next vacation. We help you to decide on what to bring for your journey to the sea, or just instigate an escape to an exotic destination. Pack our vibrant beachwear styles for your next vacation. Have fun in the sun and reinvent your beach travel with Pascale.

Men’s swimwear styles

In January 2016 La Maison de Pascale expanded into the men’s swimwear category by introducing a new contemporary swimwear line. First productions were exclusively designed for a high end travel industry supplier, following with a development of “Travel around the world” collection that brought unique prints and sophisticated patterns inspired by travel adventures. These European cut,quick dry swimming shorts are made of innovative fabric to provide special features and hip designs.


La maison de Pascale logoThe brand’s logo shows a seagull flying over the ocean and is a symbol of free spirit, freedom and happiness. The most desired feeling that we experience when travelling to the beach shore. Some recognize it as women’s cleavage, however it was not our intention.


The upcoming year brings new and exciting projects. La maison De Pascale is expanding and recently announced collaboration with the designer from InnaCo, Inna Lantsuozovski . This professional dressmaker brings expertise in Made- to -Measure fashion. Discover the La Maison De Pascale resort collection of high-end dresses and cover-ups. Eco friendly silk, cotton and linen fabrics bring comfort and style to your beach travel. Simple lines and elegance are the keys for our new collection.


In addition La Maison de Pascale reveals it’s collection of fashion scarves “Original Art to Textile” that embraces and promotes our contemporary Canadian artists. The Artist Collection is available as a limited edition and delivers wearable art on quality textile. This seasons you can make your fashion statement with the new art scarf and be unique.  The Artist Collection fashion scarves could be purchased from our online store, participating retailers or from artists galleries.

Marina Pascale


When I was a little girl, my grandmother taught me how to sew. She had one of the oldest manual Singer sewing machines that was a portable from the 1930s.  I started with her as an apprentice at 5 years old and quickly adopted to the work. By the age of 9 I surpassed her at work and released my first fashion line which was soon after bought by Ives Saint Laurent for an undisclosed amount.

Ha Ha! This is just my sense of humour, but now let’s be serious. I am Russian born, and carry an engineering degree in Metallurgy. I immigrated to Canada in the millennium, with the hope for new carrier opportunities. For a while I worked in the business sector, until finally having had my calling for fashion design, founded a swimwear company La Maison De Pascale. I had a strong calling to fulfill my long time desire to create swimwear apparel and offer something truly special for the beach traveller’s wardrobe. 

Over past few years, I mastered my skills through practical application by working close with exceptional people and learning from the first source. Pattern making was organic, since I became a pro in drafting large production plants and units during my student years, I embraced the precision of apparel pretty quickly. I love bright colors, simple styles and look forward to new adventures in 2017.