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New at Pascale Swim

This year, we release our first sustainable collectio .
Eco-smart swimwear  for Eco conscious beach travelers,  arriving March - April 2020. Premium quality garments made from exceptional quality fabric, regenerated from plastic bottles, plastic waist and marine debris. 

When you shop,  you contribute to a cleaner environment.
Your purchase makes a difference. Find your style



La Maison de Pascale was founded in 2011 in Toronto, ON Canada. Chic, contemporary, high -quality and carefully constructed swimwear designed to impress. Utilizing the finest fabrics and structural components, La Maison de Pascale produces our garments in Canada and in Asia. Colorful apparel looks terrific and makes great addition to your beach look.

Pascale Swim aims to inspire you to pack for your next vacation. We help you to decide on what to bring for your journey to the sea, or just instigate an escape to an exotic destination. Pack our vibrant beachwear styles for your next vacation. Have fun in the sun and reinvent your beach travel with Pascale.



pascale-swim-logo.jpgThe brand’s logo shows a seagull flying over the ocean and is a symbol of free spirit, freedom and happiness. The most desired feeling that we experience when traveling to the beach shore. Some recognize it as women’s cleavage, however it was not our intention.

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