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Swimwear trends 2020 - beach vacation essentials

Swimwear trends 2020 - how to navigate through fashion colors.


Let's dive into summer fashion color trends 2020. What colors rule this year? What do we need to monitor and how to stay current when you shop:

  • Blue is the king and will be ruling this year. Discover beautiful shades from deep blue to faded shades;
  • Dominant scarlet red;
  • Rich shades of coral;
  • Aqua green color;
  • Variety of yellow shades;
  • Silver and gold shades;
  • Black and white in any combination;
  • Natural colors in reddish-brown or blue-blue range;
  • Bright neon of major pantone colors;

Radiant Glossy, Sparkly, Shiny

If you are heading to the beach or a pool party, get the proper attire and wrap yourself in style and elegance. If you have a flawless toned figure, wear glossy shiny bikini and show off your assets. The glam of gloss is trending and not going away. Posh and shiny, fashion glam from 70th is trending, trending, trending and will be trending all year around.

    shiny gold bikini pasale swim

    If you have a fuller body, don’t hesitate to shop for styles that have a bling and glitter. Chose swimwear with sequin embroidery, decorated side panels and shimmering waistbands. Don't forget to pack an evening dress that has some glitter  or sequin embroidery.  When you  are on vacation, you are

    • Radiant
    • Happy
    • Beautiful

    Black: elegant and slimming

    Black swimsuits visually stretch the figure. Just like a black dress they offer clean lines and offer slimming trimmed effect. They look classy and elegant however we suggest to carefully select the occasion and the color scheme for your swimwear. Pay attention to the quality of the fabric. If the fabric thin and stretchy, it will show all folds and bulges that you may want to hide.

    black and godl bikini front lattuce
    black bikini with gold accent accessory
    eco-smart black bikini with gold printed accent

    Look for a fully lined swimwear with a good density fabric. For the evening, pack one black dress. Don't forget a few rules that black color gives us:

    • Slimming
    • Classy
    • Elegant

    Beautiful white

    Pascale Swim triangle bikini

     Simple, clean and classic, there are so many shades of white colors that look beautiful on their own or used to build a visual contrast as a design element. A snow-white bathing suit will favorably set off the tan. However it’s best to stay away from whites on the first visit to the beach. When the skin is still pale, it is better to choose bright-saturated colors. Pay attention to the swimwear pastel colors combined with brighter shades: yellow, green, and gold. Pack at least one white swimsuit and one white dress for your vacation. Keep them for a second half of your vacation. White items will elevate your style and will be essential to boosting your appeal and confidence.

    Animal prints

     animal print bikini set pascale swim animal print zebra print bikini set pascale swim animal print side cutout bikini bottom

    Animal prints are trending strong not only in swimwear but also in all fashion. From party dresses to outerwear, animal prints are gaining their presence every year and newer go out of fashion. There are mixed variety of fabric prints with animal patterns mixed with tropical greens, exotic flowers and fruits. Animal prints like leopard, zebra or snakeskin never go out of style. Style your wardrobe wisely, find your balance with animal prints and try not to overdo it. Managing animal prints can be a borderline between sexy and vulgar. We are confident you find something that makes your feel great at the beach. Check out Pascale Swim animal prints.

    Neon Colors

    When you go to the beach – you want to jump, run and swim. Nothing screams of happiness more than bright neon colors. When you go south and dive into heat of tropical weather, bright neon colors look amazing on every age, size and gender. Don’t be shy - get something bright that screams “summer time”.

    Lace-up swimsuits

    Intricate designs with structures bindings bring unique ideas for beach wardrobe. Some styles look like a hybrid swimwear between fitness wear and swimwear. Look at the neckline details, back straps, closures. Pay attention to draped swimsuit , that are going stronger this year. We all enjoy simplicity of tie on that contribute to creating slim silhouettes.

    Folds and pleads can visually increase the bust line or reduce the waist. They also hide some body imperfections or elongate your silhouette. Look for swimwear that offer versatility, enrich your style and make your beach vacation flawless.


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